Training How To Measure Softness or Handfeel
Using Human Touch

Training Courses

  • Overview Seminar - Understanding how softness measurement is done, designed especially for managers and decision-makers.  A review of test methods, objective (machine) and subjective (human).
  • Hands On Training Workshop - A detailed “how to do it” workshop (group training), for people who do softness measurements that are based on human perception. 
  • Specialized Training and Seminars - Topics selected by the client.

Overview Seminar - Understanding How To Measure Softness

This is an overview of various softness test methods used in the industry, and covers the strengths and weaknesses of each.  It includes objective methods, where the sensing is done by a machine, and subjective methods, where the sensing is done by human touch.  Relative strengths and weaknesses of each test are covered.  This is an interactive seminar, presented onsite by a softness measurement consultant. 

Customized for each client.  One day or less. 

Hands On Training Workshop - Evaluating Softness by Human Touch and Perception

This workshop trains a group of people in the details of how to measure softness with accuracy and efficiency.  We provide training in these four test methods (click on each link for details):

  1. Control Method
  2. Panel Method
  3. Two-Out-of-Five Method
  4. Advanced Methods (customized, as needed)

Training includes:

  • understanding softness
  • how to select which test to use
  • test design
  • sample preparation
  • working with panelists
  • how to train panelists and how to evaluate them
  • working with reference standards (maintaining, adding, evaluating)
  • working with the data
  • basic analysis
  • working with the software provided (spreadsheet)
  • understanding the results
  • reporting results

The workshop will also produce a starter set of certified reference standards that can be used to build a larger set of standards. 

Workshops are scheduled on demand.  Most workshops are held exclusively for a single company, due to client's confidentiality requirements.

Customized for each client.  Three or four days.

Also see client feedback from workshops in 2006 and 2007.

Specialized Training and Seminars

Softness Concepts

  • Basic Concepts about Softness
  • How the Consumer Evaluates Softness
  • The Components of Softness
  • Tradeoffs and Relationships Between Softness and Other Properties
  • Methods for Improving Softness

Training Panelists
We can train a group of people to be panelists, and we can evaluate panelists for consistency.

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